Friday, May 1, 2009

Now here's a new thing...

Where's the hype? The drive to be the next Google seems to be always upon us. The power of the Internet to drive change more quickly than at any time in the past is seen in the extraordinary success that is Google. Yet it is only 13 years since two students started the research which led to Google being set up. Yet now Google is so ever-present that is already been accepted as a verb; the most popular search engine is the world's leading brand, valued at more than $100m, a third more than Microsoft; anyone who has ever searched for anything on the Internet cannot imagine a life without Google. It is a dream company for a PR.

So what is the next big thing on the Internet? Well, if I knew the answer then I would taking home some of the Google billions. This week the BBC reports that the latest search tool, Wolfram Alpha, "could be as important as Google". By searching within sites it brings answer to your webpage, rather than a series of sites as in a Google search. The first thing I notice is the caution in the BBC's "could", which always makes the cynical journalist in me equate to could not.

However, what Google has also shown to all web companies is the power to innovate to remain ahead of the competition. Google has never been content to just rake in the cash; part of its huge success has been its ability to add value every time your blink. Google News, Mail, Tools, Blogger, Analytics ... the list is almost endless. If I had to put money on where the next big search engine development will be, then I would back it being led by Google. If, as in the past they have missed a trick, then they have just moved in and bought up the latest technology. So perhaps Stephen Wolfram can look forward to a bumper payday from Google.


  1. Thanks to Google! Life is so simple and it makes things so easy for us. We can't even think of a life without Google, it is so much into our lives. Well, it would be quite interesting to see another Internet success story happening in the coming years. But it would still take a long time, to get used to the new one, we never know for how long it will sustain? The market is too fragmented and for another such thing, people might restrain themselves to use it and at the same time, people might grab it and it could be a big hit! Technology has always surprised us, and its still hasn’t stopped itself for innovations. Well, in the all such speculations, Google will remain there and I think they have already filled the gap where there is very little space for innovations!

  2. Thanks for your post! With your post I come to know about an alternate for Google. I visited the Wolfram Alpha and registered in the website to know when it's open to public.

    If Wolfram Alpha's service is much better than Google, I am sure Google will still be a winner by making it's service better than WA in the coming months.

    For me there's no day without Google. It's my Homepage on my browser. I want to make my career in 'Research & Analysis' and Google is vital for my success.