Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is anyone there?

Blogging seems to me a solitary sport, unless of course there is someone really out there commenting on what I am writing. This led to me thinking that I might just be completely wasting my time blogging. So do blogs have any use as a public relations tool? In search of an answer I stumbled upon Michael L. Kent's article in the Public Relations Review: Critical analysis of blogging in public relations. Even this learned academic appears to have no answer to my question, concluding that "...many professionals are suggesting that blogs have tremendous potential as tools for online communication and reaching diverse publics. They do. Interestingly, however, scholars have been saying the same thing about the Internet for almost 10 year and most organizations have not yet figured out how to use their Web sites well except to sell things. Ultimately I believe that the jury is still out on blogging."

So what really is the answer? Am I just talking to myself? Should I just stick to speaking to myself in front of the mirror? Perhaps blogging is just the green ink brigade finding a new arena in cyberspace? So is there a real point to blogging? I think that there is only a point if someone is out there. Is anyone listening?

1 comment:

  1. I am here...listening to you and also many other bloggers like you...it does makes a lot of sense when someone... somewhere is talking about you and what they think about you..U see a real check!!